Classroom Activities and

The accumulated resources below provide valuable support in helping to educate your students on the benefits of civility. Our list is comprehensive and carefully considered to help compliment our classroom activity download sheets.

Texas Young Lawyers support and appreciate educators and we will continue to implement meaningful programs to help students learn, grow and become productive citizens. We know that children are the catalyst for change.

Elementary School Standards– TEKS 3.9(A), 3.16, 4.15(B), 4.15(C), 4.5(D), 4.21(B), 4.21(C), 4.22, 5.17(A), 5.17(B), 5.23(D), 5.25(C), 5.26

Middle School Standards – TEKS 6.11(A), 6.11(B), 6.12(A), 6.12(B), 6.19(B), 6.19 (D), 6.22, 7.15(B), 7.16(A), 7.16(B), 7.20(B), 7.20(D), 7.20(E), 7.23, 8.19(C), 8.21(A), 8.29(B), 8.29(D), 8.29(E), 8.31

High School Standards – TEKS WG.21(F), WG.21(D), WG.21(E), WG.23(C), WH.21(F), WH.28(E), WH.31, US.9(E), US.22(A), US.22(C), US.28(B), US.28(E). US.31, Govt.1(B), Govt.1(E), Govt.2(A), Govt.2(B), Govt.13(A), Govt.13(B), Govt.14(A), Govt.14(B), Govt.14(C), Govt.19(A), Govt.19(C), Govt.19(D), Govt.21